Living Tiny And A Few Reasons Why The Struggle Is Real

I love the Tiny House Movement, in fact, I’m obsessed with it and have been for several years. I would sit for hours and hours watching Youtube videos of recorded builds and talks on how living tiny is more sustainable. Hook, line and sinker baby, I jumped on board. Ohhhhh, the freedom; the possibilities…

Well, without going into too much detail, I can honestly tell you that I have had the opportunity to live tiny. An experience where my deepest heart’s desires became reality. Which is why I am about to share with you a few reasons why the struggle is real when living tiny.

  1. “Get out of my way please.” I think this statement was said everyday about 15 times. When you actually live tiny, those adorable. spacious Instagram pictures that caused you to fall in love with the idea in the first place, becomes resented. And quickly. Deceivers! Haha, okay that was a bit dramatic. So if you are considering going tiny, think realistically as you will literally be bumping elbows with anyone who lives with you or comes over to visit.
  2. The potty situation. I had access to a main house on the property I lived tiny on so the bathroom wasn’t really a big deal when I decided to take the tiny plunge. I used to imagine that the space between the tiny and the main house was a giant, beautiful living room that I had to walk through to do my business. Seriously try to convince yourself of that in about 3 feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures. I will give you a moment to think about it…And the whole composting toilet idea just wasn’t for me, although I did attempt to use pine shavings for like a day and it made me feel like an animal in a zoo exhibit. So if you do decide to go tiny, have a bathroom plan that you will be satisfied with. Just a friendly warning.
  3. When you think you’ve downsized, but really haven’t. I think it may be hereditary, but I tend to struggle with getting rid of my “stuff.” When living tiny, I did not put too much thought into where my clothes would go or my art supplies. More often than not, I lived like diarrhea was around me constantly. I would spend a lot of time cleaning and organizing and rearranging. My sister would visit often and she would come by and say “Oh! You rearranged again? I liked the way you had it before.” And so on and so forth. So if you plan to go tiny consider your “stuff.” Man, it feels like a chore just writing about it. I need a break.
  4. When you have company. I once had someone over who told me they felt like they were in a jail cell. Really dude? This is my home. Luckily for him, I like him. In all seriousness though, once you get some heads up in your place, it does start feeling like you are literally in a clown car. So if you are the type to entertain, tiny houser beware.

The struggle is real, not to say that there weren’t positives to living tiny. But as with everything, there are always pros and cons even in the best situation.